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– Software package at Sandia for performing optimization and uncertainty quantification studies
– Developing multilevel and multifidelity optimization schemes
– Implemented new active subspace capability which was released in Dakota version 6.4
– Exploiting dimension reduction using active subspaces to enable uncertainty quantification for extremely high dimensional models

Most-Critical Transient Disturbances
– Motivation is to better align transient growth theory with experiments
– Attempting to find the “most-dangerous” boundary-layer disturbances for transition to turbulence
– Formulated as large-scale nonlinear optimization problem of BiGlobal growth rates
– Potential to find control disturbance that delays transition and reduces drag

BiGlobal Secondary Instabilities
– Computing the stability of basic states that vary in two directions
– Allows evaluation of the stability of surface roughness wakes
– Agreement with both low-speed and hypersonic experiments is remarkable

Boundary-Layer Receptivity
– Developed new method to separate Stokes and Tollmien-Schlichting (TS) waves in an experimental boundary-layer scan
– Implemented method to decompose Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) of flow over surface roughness into the continuous spectrum modes of the Orr-Sommerfeld equations

Wind-Tunnel Testing
– Developed sophisticated post-processing method, planned and conducted acoustic receptivity experiment in the Klebanoff-Saric Wind Tunnel (KSWT), and corrected all deficiencies in several previous experiments
– Operated the KSWT during several different boundary-layer stability testing campaigns
– Assisted operating the Texas A&M Mach 6 Quiet Tunnel

– Developed open-source MATLAB-like header-only C++ library
– Provides intuitive interface to many common numerical methods such as matrix algebra, eigenvalue computation, ordinary differential equation solvers, and plotting
– Basis of all current research software and is integrated with Sandia’s Trilinos for the BiGlobal stability code
– Released open-source August 2013, 880 unique visitors, 70 downloads

High Altitude Balloon

Coffee Roaster

3D Scanning